Nisi Dominus Frustra

Hey there!

I’m Derek, an avid football fan, biker, passionate photographer, addiction-recovery researcher and a diehard foodie.

I love writing and this blog is a passion I began taking a little more seriously since early 2020. Since COVID-19 and the lockdown way of life!

Thanks for visiting!

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Previously a PR Specialist, I began freelancing as a Copywriter and Social Media Manager in 2017 after a medical emergency left me homebound. In 2020 I started DW Consulting, a PR/Social Media Agency that brings together many of my passions including food and photography.

I write for therapy. For my own soul. My healing. And hopefully, things that randomly cross my mind and get onto this blog will reach someone along the way and touch their lives as well. Check out my Instagram account while you’re at it… I kinda fancy my photography skills too…

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